Madagascar Hissing Roaches


Gromphadorhina portentosa

Their hiss is bigger than their bite

Madagasar Hissing Roaches are a unique and fascinating species. Where do we even begin? There's that incredible size at two to three inches full grown, tiny suction cups on their feet which allow them to climb glass, and of course that signature 'hiss.'

They're sexually dimorphic, meaning the males and females have noticeable physical differences. While neither are winged, males sport fuzzy antennae and horns which are used to spar like many animals use antlers. 

These bugs are a great pet for kids, they're docile, harmless and live a good 2 to 5 years if well cared for. Maybe a bit more creepy than a hamster, yes, but they don't bite and won't ruin things if they escape.