December Newsletter

As we move further into the holiday season, we're working hard to continue providing you with the finest feeders through the New Year. Every December, all shipping carriers see a tremendous increase in volume. This year with the added pressure caused as a result of COVID-19, it's even more imperative that we practice care when shipping live orders.

Shipping Carrier Updates:

We're currently in the process of negotiating better rates with FedEx. We'll keep you up to date as that develops and hopefully be able to secure some reasonable rates before 2021.

While USPS continues to experience delays, they claim those delays are minimal. We've spoken directly with their representatives and confirmed that their domestic guarantees are no longer suspended. This may be a viable option for customers who wish to save money. We will be tentatively adding USPS back to the website and covering it with our guarantee after January 1st.

Reminder: NO carrier covers deaths of live feeder insect orders either in their guarantees or in their insurance. They refund claims on a case by case basis but don't typically favor live orders, especially feeder roaches which are not considered beneficial insects. They do not offer us any sort of reparation for lost, delayed or deceased orders. They take no responsibility for live orders under normal circumstances and especially with recent suspensions of guarantees as a result of COVID-19. We highly recommend shipping according to the guidelines covered by our Live Arrival Guarantee for this reason and cover your order out of our own pocket.

At this time, according to the information available to us, UPS And FedEx continue to suspend their guaranteed delivery times and money back guarantees. This tells us that there's still a significant increase in the possibility of delayed packages and they're not willing to take the risk. We highly recommend shipping 2 day Express, as opposed to 3 day Express. This will give a cushion of that extra 24 hours that the heat pack will continue to preserve your order in the event that the carrier delays delivery by a day. Any further delay past the 72 hour mark means that your order will not have any heat source during its time on the delivery truck when it is most vulnerable to cold temperatures.

It is also anticipated that the holiday season's increased volume will consequently cause changes to the delivery process, particularly second attempts. In the event of a failed delivery attempt, delivery personnel will likely be unable to make several attempts to deliver, possibly none at all, and also may be limited in their ability to return to the shipping hub to turn over those packages. This means a customer's window to retrieve their package may be even more limited. Now more than ever, it's important that you double check that your address is correct and we strongly advise you to be available or have someone available to accept your order on the first delivery attempt. If no one will be available, you can request your package to be held for pickup at location. You will need to retrieve your order same day in order to be covered by our guarantee.

Holiday Live Order Schedule:

Here is our most current list of order cutoffs for the Holiday season as well as our estimated ship days. May be subject to change due to service interruptions or other circumstances.

Christmas Week: STOP SHIP

Order Cutoff Wednesday December 16, 12pm. We will not ship any live orders the week of Christmas. Ground shipments may still be shipped at customer's discretion, subject to service delays do to the carrier's observance of Christmas day.

New Years week:

Order Cutoff 2-3 Day Air: Sunday, December 27th 6pm

Order Cutoff Overnight Air: Tuesday, December 29th 12pm

Limited Eligibility Live Arrival Guarantee Stipulations

Some of this information may be redundant to other updates. Please read all information as we've made some adjustments.

We have decided to reinstate our Live Arrival Guarantee, before the majority of our competitors, because we want to provide our customers with some peace of mind. This does mean we need to be a bit tighter with our requirements on qualifying orders.

We will guarantee that your order arrive living! In the off chance that your order is DOA (dead on arrival), we will offer you the option of a full refund or a replacement order and cover shipping.

In order to qualify for our guarantee;

  • Temperatures under 60 degrees at any point during the shipping process require a heat pack. These can be purchased in the dry goods section of the web store.

  • Claims must be placed within one hour of the carrier’s delivery time stamp and photo or video proof must be provided.

  • For special circumstances where we cover your shipping, we also cover the shipping method.

  • We do not cover errors made by the shipping company. We do not cover orders with incorrect addresses marked "returned to sender." You may reship your order at your cost (we will feed and water them to prep them for the second journey). Orders placed to an unapproved address (APO/FPO/DPO, PO box, etc) are not covered.

  • Average quantity orders (under 500) can be shipped Express 2 to 3 day, Overnight or Next day.

  • Bulk orders must be shipped FedEx One/Express Overnight or UPS Next Day.

  • Orders containing live insects shipped with ground shipping are not covered.

  • Orders marked ‘hold at location’ or failed delivery attempts must be picked up same day.

Thank you for checking out this month's newsletter! We hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday season. We look forward to serving you.

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