This listing is for bundles of adult breeding female Dubia roaches. 


Adult female roaches are fully developed and ready to breed. The females we offer are straight out of our breeders and are likely to be carrying oothecae. Great for boosting production of your colony


You may notice that some females are short and wide while others are longer with a more narrow abdomen. When female Dubias molt and become adults, they start out shorter from head to hind and their abdomen is flat and wide. These females are less than 90 days old, fresh and new and will last a long time if kept well.


As females age and breed, their abdomen extends to make room for growing oothecae. The females that you see which have longer, more cylindrical abdomen are likely already carrying oothecae and will soon produce nymphs. 


We aim to provide a mixture of both to best boost your colony. If you would like to make requests, we will do our best to accomodate. Please leave requests in the comment box. 





B dubia Adult Female Bundles