Roaches are naturally able to select foodstuffs that satisfy their nutritional needs, which can vary greatly from week to week for each individual. Therefore, it's best to offer a variety of different foods for them to choose from. We make sure our own colonies have constant access to our red high protein chow, green high carb chow and water crystals. We supply fresh fruits and vegetables daily as well. 


House Blend Maintenance Chows.

Keep chows in a sealed container in a dry place. Keep separate from other foods and water sources. Water or pure organic (not from concentrate) fruit juice may be added to make chows more enticing, however only serve damp chow in small quantities that can be consumed in one to two days. Dispose of any wet chow after two days or if hard or discolored clumps are found.


The RED chow is a protein rich chow necessary for breeding adults and growing nymphs. A good protein source is important for nymphs preparing to molt and breeding females who are growing oothecae. Studies on roach nutrition have indicated that the magic number is between 23-25% protein. This chow is 24% protein. Its sweet smell is from molasses and is also appealing to the roaches.


The GREEN/TAN chow is a carbohydrate rich chow with a wheat, oat and alfalfa base with less protein (approx 14-16%) which satisfies the Male roaches' needs for carbs and also feeds the nymphs at certain stages in development. 


Both chows are plant based, preservative free, and contains vitamin and calcium supplements that are safe for reptiles to ingest via gutloading. They contains no casein (from milk; studies show this leads to an exceptionally high level of uric acid buildup in roaches). Just place on a clean flat dish or container and serve!


For best results for maintenance/breeding, offer BOTH chows. These chows can sustain your colony however we always recommend you serve fresh organic fruits and veggies daily.


Shipping: Orders containing large quantities of chow as well as live insects may be separated into several shipping boxes. Additional shipping costs may apply, please contact us with any questions.

Fat Tegu Maintenance Chows Set