Starter Colony of Madagascar Hissing Roaches [Gromphadorhina portentosa]


Each Starter Colony comes with 3 Adult Females and 1 Male, and 20 Assorted Nymphs (young roaches)


This fascinating species makes a great alternative to Dubia and other feeders. Great for adding variety to your critter's diet. Due to their larger size, they also tend to pique the interest of larger critters such as subadult monitors and tegus a bit more than smaller insects.  


They also make great pets and an interesting teaching tool for children. They can live up to five years with proper care and are a herbovorous species, surviving on a diet of fresh produce. They require temperatures of 80 degrees and moderate humidity, can be housed in a plastic critter keeper, sterilite tote, glass vivarium, or any other container with a secure lid and screened ventilation. Due to their specialized feet, this species can climb slick surfaces including glass so we recommend a one to two inch section of vaseline around the top of the container and secure openings on the container to prevent them from escaping. 


Please see our blog for more facts and information about care and feeding of this species. As always, we love to help and are here to answer any questions you have.  

Madagascar Hissing Roach Starter Colony

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