UniHeat 72 Hour Heat Pack


This product can be purchased to be used in your order to aid in warming your live insect order for the duration of its time in the mail for up to three day shipping. This product is required if temperatures in your area will drop below 60 degrees. We recommend one heat pack for temperatures between 50-60 degrees F, two packs for temperatures down to 35 degrees. This product may cease to function in temperatures at or below freezing, (32*F).


From the manufacturer:

The warmer will warm up after 30-45 minutes if kept in an enclosed air space like wrapped in paper or placed inside a paper bag. 

One warmer can generally raise approximately 10 to 15 degrees in a cubic foot insulated box. Multiple warmers can be used if higher temperature is desired. 

Warmer can reach its peak surface temperature of 115 degrees (F) in approximately 4 hours then slowly reduce to and maintain a surface temperature of 100 F for the remaining duration. 

Warmer may stop generating heat if temperature inside the shipping box falls below the freezing point (32 degrees F).

Warmer will not be effective if wet. 

Environmentally safe with nontoxic ingredients. Can be disposed with normal trash. 


UniHeat 72 Hour Heat Pack

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