for orders containing live insects

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In these unprecedented times, we're facing multiple unique challenges. We're doing our best to keep you updated with changes, make information and resources readily available on our website and continue to serve you to the highest possible standard. We're editing details about our shipping process below. You can find the most in-depth information of changes to our services and updates that may impact your order in posts on our blog. We also recommend you join our email list to stay up to date. 


We guarantee your shipment of feeders will arrive living. In the event that part or all of your live order perishes or is damaged, we offer the option of either a refund or a replacement order. In the event of a DOA, you must contact us within one hour of delivery, photo and video proof must be provided within three hours of delivery. 


Qualifying orders must comply with the following;

UPS Air or Fed Ex Express only. No Ground shipping.

Average Orders (Not Bulk)

Daytime over 100 NOT COVERED. 

Daytime 80-100 Minimum 2 Day, Must be held at facility for pickup. During Summer months, we ventilate the shipping containers. 

Daytime 60-80 Minimum 3 Day 

Daytime 40-60 Minimum 3 day, must purchase heat pack from dry goods section of the store.

Daytime below 40 Minimum Overnight/Next Day, must purchase a heat pack and hold for pickup at facility. P/U Must be same day

Bulk Orders

Daytime Over 100 NOT COVERED

Daytime 80-100 Minimum Next Day Shipping. Must be held for pickup.

Daytime 60-80 Minimum 2 Day. 

Daytime 40-60 Minimum Next Day. Surcharge for heat pack will be included in invoice. 

Daytime 30-40 Minimum Next Day. Surcharge for heat packs will be included in invoice. Must hold for pickup. P/U must be same day. 

**If your order cannot safely be ventilated in one shipping box, we may require it to be divided into several boxes. This may require the purchase of additional heat/cold packs.

Temperatures outside of these ranges are not covered under our guarantee. We highly recommend you take appropriate precautions, utilize heat or cold packs and choose the fastest shipping method. Heat packs are not required over 65 degrees and may be fatal. Cold packs under 80 degrees are not necessary and may be fatal. 


Orders that are held for pickup must be retrieved same day. 



We take great care in preparing your order for shipping and regularly test and improve our process. We hand count each order, include an extra 10% and feed and water the insects to ensure they're ready for the journey. We allow them several hours, typically overnight, to snack on high value food items, prep packing materials, dry goods, cold or heat packs (not activated), thank you cards and anything else included and weigh the order. You'll typically receive your shipping confirmation at this point when the label is created. Before they're packed up, we check that all are looking healthy and active, and do one final count before we pack them into the box and activate hot or cold packs.


Your live insects will not be loose inside the shipping carton (that’s possibly one of our biggest pet peeves). We ship them within a secure ventilated plastic container which is carefully fitted with egg flats to ensure the insects are well padded and not crushed by shifting material. We tape the sides of the plastic container for an added level of support to prevent the lid from coming loose in transit. We do not provide food on the journey. This can increase humidity levels which can become deadly very quickly in warmer temperatures, or freeze in cold temperatures, cause mold and possibly damage or weaken the outer shipping container. We've run endurance tests before making this decision(spoiler alert, roaches can live months without food or water). 

We recommend someone be available to accept your order upon delivery. If no one is available, it may be possible to route packages to an available UPS Access Point location or Fed Ex Shipping Hub. We're happy to assist you in finding the best options for your package or arrange shipping to your preferred UPS Access Point. We recommend double checking that the Access Point of your choice is still operational as many have changed or closed due to coronavirus. CLICK HERE to view the UPS Global Locator (you will be redirected to UPS website)

Restrictions: Per state import/export laws (and ecologically conscious moral principle), many of our bugs cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Florida or Alaska. International shipping is not available. We apologize for the inconvenience. We do not ship to APO/FPO/DPO or PO Boxes. If you do not have a qualifying deliverable address, please contact us. Many carriers offer pickup options from their locations. We'd be happy to assist you in making these arrangements.